19/04/2024 Making Dust screening at Five Lamps Arts Festival 2024 at Odeon Point Square, Dublin, Ireland.

13/03/2024 Making Dust screening as part of Demolition Take Down programme at Linen Hall, TU Dublin, Ireland.

01/10/2023 Making Dust premiere at IFI Documentary Festival *SOLD OUT*

14/09/2023 Buildings End - exhibition opens at Irish Architectural Archive

04/02/2023 Exhibition opening VISUAL Carlow

09/12/2022 Invited guest speaker at Fault Lines: KABK Research Forum 2022

20/09/2022 Presenting at 7th Public Health Palliative Care International Conference. PHPCI 2022. 20-23 September 2022, Bruges, Belgium

02/05/2022 Presenting at Unpopular Culture NYU Department of English

We Turn Towards an Ending and Pay Attention 2021-2023
VISUAL Carlow February 2023
Irish Architectural Archive September 2023
Funded by the Irish Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award
We Turn Towards an Ending and Pay Attention looks closely at a rupture, the demolition of a church in Dublin, through an integrated set of forms– film, installation and a symposium scheduled for May 13th 2023, set around a table created from fragments of the dismantled building.

A collaborative project led by Fiona Hallinan.

Fragment Mediation, 2023, Install photography by Ros Kavanagh

Making Dust 2023
Funded by the Irish Arts Council Visual Arts Project Award

Making Dust is a portrait of the demolition of Ireland’s second largest Catholic Church. A film essay based on research by architectural historian Ellen Rowley.

45.03 minutes

Making Dust, 2023, preview video.

Life finds a bend and nests in it  2021-2023
Kunsthal Ter Rijst
Pajottenland, Belgium
Gathering knowledge about the requirements of endangered plants through meals, interviews and the development of an impossible garden.
Ultimology, or the study of endings 2016-2024
Part of a doctoral project
LUCA School of Art/ KU Leuven
Ghent, Belgium
Ultimology is a proposal for the study of endings as a real and urgent concern; it suggests through looking closely at things that are extinct, endangered, vulnerable or at risk in the present, we might learn new lessons of care and consideration, or at least understand how to better negotiate loss.
A doctoral project by Fiona Hallinan that builds on a collaboration with Kate Strain.

The First International Conference on Ultimology, Trinity Long Room Hub 2016
Documentation image by Louis Haugh

Finks 2017 - 2020
Grazer Kunstverein
Graz, Austria
A recurring kitchen studio in the art space Grazer Kunstverein in Austria, Fink’s responded to the site and programme of the institution, producing meals, discursive events and a powder or edible trace of each exhibition.

I remember oranges, you remember dust
Performance,talk, workshop and meal at Grazer Kunstverein 2019
Photo by Thomas Raggam
Stockpile 2019
InContext 4
Rua Red 
Dublin, Ireland

Soap and a soundscape made from the ashes of illegal bonfires in Dublin.

With sound by Davy Kehoe.
Stockpile 2019
Documentation images by Kasia Kaminska 2019
Food Programme for Summer Rising Festival 2016-2017
Dublin, Ireland
A series of workshops, food events and structures for the Summer Rising Festival, co-curated by Fiona Hallinan and Michelle Darmody.

Summer Rising Festival 2016
Documentation image by Fiona Morgan

Three Rock Mountain Study 2011
Kerlin Gallery
Dublin, Ireland
A study of the mountain in audio and installation.

Installation photos by Denis Mortell 2011

Unsold 2011
Kerlin Gallery
Dublin, Ireland
Every day unsold flowers from the Grafton street market were collected and pressed to make a calendar.

Installation photos by Denis Mortell 2011

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