02/05/2022 Presenting at Unpopular Culture NYU Department of English

20/09/2022 Presenting at 7th Public Health Palliative Care International Conference. PHPCI 2022. 20-23 September 2022, Bruges, Belgium

05/10/2022 Recipient of the Arts Council Ireland Visual Arts Bursary Award

09/12/2022 Invited guest speaker at Fault Lines: KABK Research Forum 2022

04/02/2023 Exhibition opening VISUAL Carlow

13/05/2023 Symposium at VISUAL Carlow

14/09/2023 Buildings End - exhibition opens at Irish Architectural Archive

01/10/2023 Making Dust premiere at IFI Documentary Festival

Finks 2017 - 2020
Grazer Kunstverein
Graz, Austria
A recurring kitchen studio in the art space Grazer Kunstverein in Austria.

Gathering knowledge through making meals and conversations with people about local recipes and wild and cultivated plants, collecting, preserving, fermenting, pickling, dehydrating and grinding. Every season I made a powder to be distributed to visitors to the space, a pulverised trace of the activities of the time before, both human and non-human. We hosted workshops by local producers and purveyors, including vinegar making with Anita König and laundry detergent from chestnuts by Das Gramm. We hosted, experimented and revived leftovers. Finks was a way to bring food and bodies right into the centre of the institution and it’s programme and an opportunity to collaborate with artists - gingko biloba tea from the park for a research project, digestive seeds, birthday cakes and vegetable peel pie for a performance by Emily Mast,a fragmented landscape for a talk with Sylvia Schedelbauer, sustenance for installs, events and conferences. In the last year Finks became a platform for writing for me, with two lecture / meals, ‘I remember oranges you remember dust’ with Eva de Moor and ‘How to make alcohol’, where we used the natural yeast on our palms to catalyse the fermentation of fruit.

This project happened thanks to the intrinsically caring and hospitable approach of visionary curator Kate Strain and her team especially Tanja Gurke, Christina Simmerer and Ahmad Darkhabani.

Frühling Powder 2017

I remember oranges, you remember dust
Performance,talk, workshop and meal at Grazer Kunstverein 2019
Photo by Thomas Raggam
Workshop on vinegar making by Anita König on the bar made by Studio Magic
Photo by Fiona Hallinan
Site visit to a local producer with bees wax bar used for sealing baking trays

Arranging and drying plants to blend into powder for visitors to the Grazer Kunstverein.

I remember oranges, you remember dust
Performance,talk, workshop and meal at Grazer Kunstverein 2019
Photo by Thomas Raggam

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