02/05/2022 Presenting at Unpopular Culture NYU Department of English

20/09/2022 Presenting at 7th Public Health Palliative Care International Conference. PHPCI 2022. 20-23 September 2022, Bruges, Belgium

05/10/2022 Recipient of the Arts Council Ireland Visual Arts Bursary Award

09/12/2022 Invited guest speaker at Fault Lines: KABK Research Forum 2022

04/02/2023 Exhibition opening VISUAL Carlow

13/05/2023 Symposium at VISUAL Carlow


Image by Faolán Carey 2022
Fiona Hallinan is an artist, researcher and, alongside curator Kate Strain, co-founder of the Department of Ultimology, based between Brussels, Belgium and Cork, Ireland. Her doctoral research at LUCA School of Arts, KU Leuven explores the coming-into-being of Ultimology, the study of that which is dead or dying (death here encompassing both the end of life and the passing into irrelevance, redundancy or extinction of material and immaterial entities), as a tool for transformative discourse.

Based in a practice of oral interview, this project involves instigating gatherings around ‘ruptures’ as case studies; the closure of a canteen, the demolition of a church, the extinction of a plant. This research is informed by gathering knowledge related to rituals of mourning, supported by the monthly reading group ‘On Death’. 

Supported by the Irish Arts Council Project Award, she is developing the collaborative project ‘Making Dust’, a film and installation that will be exhibited at VISUAL Carlow, the Irish Architectural Archive and via the aemi platform in 2023. She is interested in themes of hospitality, traces, thresholds, care and critical pedagogy and often works with food as part of her practice, cooking and organising meals.

She has presented work in a number of international contexts, including at IMMA, Kerlin Gallery, the John Nicholas Brown Centre for Public Humanities at Brown University and Grazer Kunstverein. 

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